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Mechanical Roof Ventilator.  Driven by the wind.

Skydome Skylight Systems, Australia’s leading provider of natural light and ventilation solutions offer a full range of domestic and commercial mechanical ventilation systems from the twirly and static roof vents to the market leading Skydome Powervent Motorised Roof Ventilator.
Our harsh Australian environment and often poor building design can result in our homes heating up very quickly during the day. Heat trapped in the roof space can result in joint distortion, sagging ceilings and ultimately paint problems. During the winter months, moisture can become trapped within the roof cavity, resulting in the of mould and mildew.
While all this happens in the background , the most important reason to ventilate is to COOL YOUR HOME.
As the heat builds up in your roof, it radiates through the ceiling and into the rooms below. This heat become trapped in a band up to 500mm deep – if the ceilings in your home are 2.4m high, this heat band can be within one foot of your head height! Ventilation of your roof cavity is the most effective way to combat all of these problems.
  • A cooler roof means a cooler home.
  • Substantially reduces power/energy consumption of air conditioning – a significant benefit with rising power prices.
  • Extracts hot air from the roof cavity substantially reducing your energy bills.
  • Equivalent to 8 whirlybirds working at maximum capacity.
  • Under eave vents are recommended to increase the performance of the system.
  • Powervent can also allow hot air to be extracted from individual rooms using directional ducting and ceiling grille.
  • Simply plugs into a power point in your roof cavity.