Trudi - Maryborough 

I really must compliment your team, your installers were fantastic, given the conditions they had to work under that day. They arrived promptly, during what could be only described as torrential rain, and rapidly set to work. Strategising to accomodate the weather, they very quickly developed a plan resulting in the least disruption, maximising their work area. I didn't even have to move my  car out of the garage, only moving it forward a couple of feet. I was quite surprised at how quick the whole process was from start to finish and how clean and tidy they left the area, Well done, Guys !! Once completed they explaned the knack to opening and closing the door and that it could be adjusted at a later time once it settles and loosened up.

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Tom and Elaine - Maryborough

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Mick - Hervey Bay

Thank you for your prompt and efficient response. My client was pleased and I am very pleased with the price. One of your competitors quoted $1700 to replace the door.


I found that to be ridiculous. 


You are amazing and I happy to publicly acknowledge your work.

Pauline - Maryborough
Technicians were efficient, knowledgeable, very polite and friendly
thank you for sending them.