Bring the Outside Inside and Brighten up your Day!



To add some light to your life!! Add a skylight!!  

A Skydome skylight will transfer natural light into any

room that suffers from poor light levels, natural light not only reduces the need for artificial light during the day, it can reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Skydome skylight  is designed for installation into almost any new or existing structure.  It offers you the freedom to locate a bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry away from exterior walls, providing overhead natural light  and ventilation in a cost and energy efficient way.

Show It Off Home Improvements can install skylights to both new and existing  homes. Offering both traditional shapes [square and rectangular] as well as  the popular circular dome, in varying sizes. Our technician will provide you  with an informed assessment taking into account the length and type of shaft  needed, the roof direction and the size of the room that needs illuminating and advise of the best choice of skylight to lighten and brighten your home. 

Velux Skylights

This type of skylight is like a window in your roof! and makes a stunning impact on any room!  

Fixed Skylights are ideal when you require extra light in your home.
They let in twice as much light as vertical windows and will make a great impact on your living environment. Perfect for areas where Ventilation is not needed.

Natural Ventilation - The stack effect
A VELUX Opening Skylight provides you with a natural and energy efficient alternative to mechanical ventilation - the stack effect. The stack effect is the natural process of warm air moving upwards. Letting warm, stuffy air escape via the upper openings of your house and replacing it with fresher, cooler air from windows and doors, can be a great way to ventilate your home in summer without the unpleasant feeling of draughts.

Providing the comfort and energy savings of free daylight

If a regular skylight will not fit  we have the perfect option.

Solar Lights


The daylight simulator will create the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates.

You will be able to experience the sun up, sun down and cloud movement inside when your solar light is powered directly by the solar panel, just as you would experience with a skylight.

As the sun rises the solar light turns on and the light increases​, and as the sun sets the light slowly dims until it is off at night.

The Opto Semiconductors used are better than basic LEDs because they have a brighter light and longer life span.